In the recent article in The Star Democrat, our senators that represent Delmarva from Washington have reached out to the Environmental Protection Agency, known as EPA, to have them hold accountable Pennsylvania for polluting the Chesapeake Bay. Where in the name of the good Lord have these senators been for the past 25 years? I guess just collecting a paycheck in Washington.

I thought that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation — along with the Maryland Watermen’s Association and several states attorney general — had filed a lawsuit against the EPA for them not holding Pennsylvania accountable for polluting the Susquehanna River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Oh, my bad! That was under the Trump administration that they filed the lawsuit against an agency of his administration. Now that we have Joe Biden as president, first question is what’s happened to the lawsuit? And now we have our congressional representatives in Washington so politely asking the EPA to stop the major pollution that affects our great Delmarva Peninsula.

Does this seem to sound a little funny to people? Here we have Sen. Van Hollen, who happens to live on the western shore in the general vicinity of the most polluted river in the entire Chesapeake Bay, the Patapsco River. Since July 4, 2016, through the Jones Falls, the Patapsco River has received well over a billion gallons of raw effluent from the city of Baltimore. This pollution winds up directly in the Chesapeake Bay and affects all of our livelihoods.

So where have our congressional representatives been on this issue? Collecting a paycheck, that’s what! So now that we have a new president — and a new director of the EPA, our congressional representatives have decided to finally address this problem today. So where have these people been for the last 25 years? Once again, collecting a paycheck! I’ve got some bad news for you guys, I think you’re a little late. Yes we can turn things around, but the majority of the damage has already been done.

The most important things that our congressional delegation needs to address is the ongoing situation at the Conowingo Dam — which releases hundreds of thousands of tons of sediment laden with harmful nutrients every time there is a storm of significance — and the ongoing issue of the pollution coming from Baltimore via Jones Falls into the Patapsco River. But there’s one problem, that means our congressional delegation has to go after their own people in their own hometown, and the big one is a company named Exelon Power that donates very heavily to their campaign funds. The chance of this happening is slim to none, and guess what? Slim has done left town!

So in closing, do the citizens of Maryland really think that this 11th hour 59th minute move by our congressional delegation is going to make a difference? All I can say is, those that are considered the “low-hanging fruit” better get ready! For all of us that are in that boat, no pun intended, we’re getting ready to get clobbered!

It’s funny how under the past administration in Washington our congressional leaders did nothing to address the major pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and Delmarva Peninsula, but now with the trillions of dollars coming from the current administration to the Blue Green Agenda, y’all better watch out if you’re in the way. Because remember this one thing, these are money hungry people that only do things for the better when there is a dollar bill behind it. And please remember that politics mix poorly with natural resources. “When you politicize a natural resource, two things happen: The demise of that resource and the demise of those that make a living working with that resource.”



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