I believe it is customary to include the word “honorable” when introducing U.S. representatives as well as other dignitaries. After yesterday’s events and Mr. Harris’s childish and shameful demonstrations in the House (see the Jan. 8 edition of the Star Democrat), to block the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, I propose we immediately drop that custom when referring to this man and his political cohorts. I am not alone in believing his was an act of sedition, an act that he refused to retreat from even after the mob, which he and his friends helped to incite along with the president, attacked the Capitol building, and with it the Constitution that he, only two days before, pledged to defend. Clearly, we should expect more from those we elect to represent us. It was a shameful day for our democracy and it was a shameful day for the people of the Eastern Shore that this appallingly misinformed man sadly represents. All of us should be grateful that he and his fellow traitors, with all their unsubstantiated lies about the election, failed in their attempt to overthrow our government. If Harris was truly an honorable man, he would immediately offer his resignation and quietly depart from politics.



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