Mr. Corey Pack mentioned that he went to St. Michael's to inquire about the possibility of violence occurring and he hopes it doesn't happen in Easton.

Mr. Pack, sir, with all due respect, I think you better do more than hope.

Organized protests are now being held at the site of the Talbot Boys statue in front of the courthouse. All it's going to take is one wrong word to set off someone who is hurting, and hurting people get angry and anger ignites violence.

If the small businesses in Easton go up in flames, you sir, and the other council members are going to have "blood on your hands."

In addition to that, there are possible lawsuits and prison time you could face because you knew it could happen and did nothing to stop it.

Many citizens, including myself, have written to The StarĀ with suggestions on what to do with the statue. And I will bet there are many young, strong, Talbot County boys, with "roll-up-their-sleeves" attitudes that would gladly tug that statue down to the basement of the courthouse. You could then have more time to inquire about future housing.

Decide soon before it's too late.



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