If I were the editor of The Star Democrat, I would change the papers name! I would drop the name “Democrat” in a heartbeat, and become the “Star Republican,” the “Star of Freedom” or “Freedom’s Star!”

The current Biden Administration is over run by Democrats! Just look at what the nation has on its hands now! An out-of-control, open-border flood of illegal immigrants, that the Biden/Harris Democrat leadership won’t touch, or recognize, as their open border! It’s our southern border with Mexico that Joe flung wide open — with no discussion with the Congress or the border states’ governors! And after, Donald Trump was securing this border — and stabilizing it — for further legal immigrant entry processing! What a “finger in your eye” to the American people like you and me, and our American families and their futures! Just who do President Biden and his minions think the are? And, who we are?

Let’s face it America! This is a critical national situation in our — I say again, our – country too! Fellow patriots it’s time, we Americans must take control of these career politicians like Biden/Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and communism-lover Bernie Sanders, and drive them out of office along with George Soros and his Mega-Million buddy clandestine political meddlers, plus the anti-American, ex-Presidential Families of Obama and Hillary Clinton!



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[smile] I am in agreement Mr. Mechling!

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