Many commentators say that the trial of former President Trump is a political event. It shouldn’t be. It should turn on the facts of what Trump did up to and on January 6. As has already happened to Republicans such as Liz Chaney who correctly voted to impeach him they have been subject to a barrage of hate and intimidation, with the certainty that they will be opposed in primaries from candidates backed by Trump. Senators who vote to convict will face the same. This is like juror tampering in a normal trial and should be avoided if at all possible so that Senators can vote what is right for the country and not for themselves.

Kevin McCarthy allowed a secret ballot to decide if Chaney would hold her #3 position for the House Republicans. This allowed his party members to vote without being threatened for supporting her. Senator Schumer should call for a secret ballot in the trial when it is time to vote to convict or not. Republican Senators need to vote what is right according to the evidence without fearing they will be putting their political careers in jeopardy by doing the right thing.



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