To my friends and residents of Oxford,

I am writing to endorse Mr. James (Jimmy) Jaramillo as he runs for Oxford Town Commissioner in the upcoming 2020 election.

Although I can’t vote in the upcoming Oxford town election for commissioner on Sept 15th, I wanted to share my thoughts on Mr. Jaramillo.

I have known Jim and the Jaramillo family for over 15 years. As a former educator at Talbot County Public Schools, I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim and getting to know him while being his School Counselor at Easton High School.

From high school in the early 2000s; to attending college in upstate New York, and now as an adult with a Doctoral Degree in Public Administration, Mr. Jaramillo continues to impress me.

I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Jim throughout the years while working on several different projects in both Annapolis and here in Talbot County. I can attest to his diligent work ethic, dedication, and thoroughness when looking to solve a problem.

I believe that Jim is the type of leader we need in local government. With the current divide in our society and in the political arena, Jim has shown countless times that public service comes before party loyalty, and that representing the citizens during both times of need and times of growth is key to building a strong community. I don’t see Jim as a Republican or Democrat; I see Jim as a public servant who can take on the tough issues and put people first. We need someone who understands the machines of government, but also someone who will be a voice for the community.

Jim’s compassion for others regardless of one’s background and his willingness to stand up for justice and what is right are some of the qualities that I hold in the highest regard.

I am proud of Jim and ask that the community of Oxford pull together and vote for this outstanding young man on Sept 15th.



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