On Sept. 13, 2020, in L.A. County, California, our nation watched in horror as a lone gunman ambushed two deputy sheriffs while they were sitting in their parked patrol vehicle. Without warning or provocation, the gunman shot at point-blank range, striking the deputies multiple times. One deputy was shot through the lower jaw and the other deputy was stuck in the forehead, both deputies were also hit by bullets in the arms.

Even more shocking was the follow up footage of the blood-soaked, 31-year-old female deputy and mother calling for help, mumbling and choking on her own blood while attempting to put a tourniquet on her shot partner.

News coverage of the hospital's emergency entrance revealed a group of protesters gleefully rejoicing in the shootings of the deputies, some protesters chanting for the wounded officers to “die.”

How has our great national republic come to this? I struggle to find an answer! Most all Americans would condemn a senseless, cold blooded murder attempt such as this. But suddenly, if the attacks are against police or law enforcement, there is an element in our great nation that socially justifies this type of ambush. Even worse than the perpetrators whose hatred and actions are directed at police and law enforcement are the vast numbers of our neighbors who condone this hatred. The dictionary defines “condone” as to "overlook or forgive.” Our American society has always valued and protected the essence of life. Many who now claim to be victims of injustice demand retribution while ignoring the sanctity of life.

Is this attempted murder in California an isolated incident? It surely is not! It may be the most heinous so far, but it is a direct result of the lawlessness and political rhetoric that now permeates the fabric of our country, coast to coast. Looting and rioting occurs regularly in American towns daily in the name of “protest.” Private property is stolen, burned, destroyed, in the name of social justice. Human life is threatened and disrupted in the name of victim retribution.

What elements in our society condone these lawless acts of violence? Certainly the mayors and governors of the cities and states that allow this lawlessness to continue unabated. Certainly every politician who “overlooks, forgives, or fails to say anything to the negative.” Certainly it includes every federal, state and local prosecutor who fails his or her oath to up hold the law. Certainly it includes every American citizen who fails to speak out against this lawless injustice or in support for our police and law enforcement.

It most certainly includes those in our Easton community who profess that law and order is alive and well in America.



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