In the name of erasing any vestige of Civil War period Confederate names from American History, Camp Wright administrators took it upon themselves to recently announce the removal of the name, “JD Post” (“The Post” as it has been affectionately known for decades) from the oldest boys cabin on the camp grounds and recently holding a celebration renaming ceremony to replace “JD POST” with the name, “JH Bratton 2021.” Tag: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund.

JD stands for the initials of WW1 Veteran Jefferson (Jeff) Davis of the Centreville/Church Hill Davis family. Twenty-six-year-old Private Jeff Davis was killed in battle on July 25, 1918 in France. On the grounds that “Jeff Davis’” name shared a name with the President of the once Confederacy, Jeff Davis’ name — according to a CW administrator was — in essence — reason enough to delete his memory from CW.

According to a CW administrator, since the past Confederate President “JD” did not exemplify values espoused to be in keeping with CW values — that — in essence determined no tolerance of the name.

CW administrators failed to do their homework.

Private Jefferson (Jeff) Davis of Centreville was named for his father, Jeff (Jefferson) Davis. Not for the once Confederacy President.

At today’s annual Veterans service held in Church Hill Cemetery, the great, great nephew of Private Jeff Davis, Gene Davis, addressed the crowd with the facts about his ancestral family history. The Davis family of Church Hill has no relation to the Confederate Jefferson Davis family.

Check the American Legion Jeff Davis Post 18 Facebook for a video of Mr. Davis’ response to CW’s accusations.

For a Christian Church sponsored camp, discrimination; exclusion based on a name SIMILARITY; failure to communicate with the American Legion JD Post 18 Commander and its Veteran members about the removal of JD Post 18 plaque from the cabin — which — decades prior was built and maintained by the same post 18 Veterans donations — are a few of the mistakes made in this dismissive, dishonoring of a WW1 American Veteran. Values?

So— what’s to be a take away this Memorial Day 2021?

Warning! Parents! Be careful what you choose to name your children! Factions are subjecting a litmus test for exclusions if not in keeping with those factions “values.”

A word for CW: There’s room for two names on that cabin. Both Veterans.

Make it RIGHT!



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