I have quite an issue with the stand taken in the religious corner covered by Kathryn Lopez. She has the nerve to tout Democrats' pro-choice stand as reason enough to vote for Trump! Excuse me, but as much as a fetus may be a life, what about the almost 180,000 lives lost under Trump's watch as coronavirus spreads unchecked through our country? Don't those lives count as much as a fetal life? What in the world? If you're pro-life why are you not pro-all-life? Do we also want to spend our lives listening to 30,000 lies (likely more) a year by this current president? Do we want to lose support for our lives because this president is removing funding for social security and medicare and he calls KKK and far-righters "good people?" The reasons not to vote for the Liar-Denier-Blamer King are endless. But to vote for him based on only one reason is unconscionable when many lives have been lost because of this president.



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