Watching a documentary on North Korea is quite disturbing. A country the size of Mississippi is not only over crowded but the people are hungry, children starving, have minimal health care and lack most essentials. They are brainwashed from birth to worship their leaders at all costs. They have no access to the outside world. The people don’t know that we, Americans, have walked on the moon. The government controls all media and all areas of life. Sound terrible? I fear we could very easily adopt a similar culture. NBC, CBS, and ABC already report only news that they believe meets their political agenda. They have not reported any news regarding the border disaster, Hunter Biden’s illegal actions or the questionable comments of Biden that reflect mild dementia. FB and Google restrict comments that do not agree with their political views. The media restricts our freedom of speech. Is this government controlled?

To make matters worse the Dept. of Education with Biden’s new proposal is advocating to incorporate an anti-racist curriculum that will rewrite American history, teach white children to hate their “whiteness” and teach that the white race is inherently evil. Sound outrageous! Look it up — Federal Registry 2021/4/19/2021-08068. Scary? You bet! Please help stop this madness.



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