Having seen Trump’s WH arrival, his mask removal, his struggle to breathe, his Mussolini stance, his carelessness with WH workers, his inattentiveness to limo drivers/helicopter pilot, his truth avoidance, his knowledge of virus deadliness, his indifference towards 200 thousand dead people, his low priority towards work, his high priority to golf, his despicable fleecing of tax funds, his violation of the Constitution, his betrayal of our soldiers and his abuse of women.

Trump needs to be removed from office immediately. To leave Trump in office is to be complicit in the annihilation of our democracy and our great nation.

Yes, our founding fathers did a brilliant job; However, we must not have an impeached president, a president with power to pardon other criminals, pardon himself, power to undermine our courts, elections, our agencies, our security, clearances, post office, nation’s resources and a president that is above the law.



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