This letter is for those individuals who refuse to get vaccinated and/or resist wearing a mask. Our 6-year old grandson is ill with COVID because someone didn't consider the consequences of their actions. Claims that rights are threatened (Washington had his troops vaccinated against smallpox at Valley Forge), or religious beliefs are violated (What 21st century belief system places personal opinions and views over protecting other human beings?), or have tied vaccinations and/or mask wearing to some political position, or media sources or political leaders deemed more reliable than that of science, are selfish.

Callous disregard for the consequences to fellow humans is the result of such actions. We hope that no member of your family experiences COVID because of these actions. We are rightfully saddened by the deaths of some 13 American armed services men and women in the evacuation of Afghanistan which many believe was the result of bad decisions. How about the nearly 700,000 Americans who have been lost to COVID? Or the millions hospitalized or requiring medical assistance? How many were the result of bad decisions by everyday Americans? Our 6-year old grandson deserves more, as does everyone else's child or grandchild, including yours.




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