The shift to on-line education offers an exciting new opportunity. Without entering school grounds, stakeholders across Maryland could monitor the on-line teacher sessions. This unprecedented possibility for transparency would be a win for teachers, parents and taxpayers. Teachers’ learning goals would be broadcast, their skill and effectiveness would be showcased and the challenges they face would become known. Parents could observe daily lessons to encourage learning at home or to help with homework. Parents and taxpayers would be assured that subjects are being presented accurately and factually without political or ideological bias. Prudent IT protocols would assure privacy and safeguard against intrusion or manipulation. Educating the next generation is a common priority. Online teaching presents the chance to actively engage the community in an innovative way. And there is no reason the same level of access should not extend to college education. With online classrooms already streaming on the internet, caring adults should be afforded access. All that is needed is for administrators and school boards to open the portals.



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