The Talbot County Free Library has been serving our community for almost 100 years, offering programs, materials and resources to everyone, at no charge. During this past year, the Library expanded its outreach and created new offerings to meet patrons’ needs during the pandemic. Talbot County has just two branches to serve our entire community, making it very important for each facility to have the spaces, resources, and services our patrons request and expect.

The St. Michaels branch, which serves St. Michaels and the entire Bay Hundred area, and comprising almost one-fourth of our patrons, does not have sufficient space or resources to meet those needs, has serious structural issues and deficiencies, and outdated technology. The children’s and teen areas are too small for the numbers of visitors, there are no small study rooms and the meeting room cannot accommodate large groups. There is often standing room only for the wonderful, engaging, and educational programs that are offered by the library and community meetings are sometimes crowded.

The library will be submitting a grant proposal to the Maryland Library Capital Grant Program to partially fund renovation and expansion of the St. Michaels branch. In order to submit this proposal, a letter of intent from our County Council, to provide a 50% match, is required. I sincerely hope that all patrons of this wonderful, valuable library will ask our county to support our Library by providing matching funding for this project and submitting this required letter. This will be an opportunity to obtain half the funding for the expansion, a significant cost reduction for our county and a bonus for our community, which deserves the kind of information, education, and cultural activities provided by our outstanding library and staff, and the modern day spaces and technology to support those activities. Please let our County Council know that you support this effort and ask that they do so, also.



Talbot County Free Library Board of Trustees

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