Members of the Talbot County Council.

Perhaps you have lost your moral compass. Perhaps you have been cajoled by a handful of race-baiters. Perhaps you forgot your classes in US History. I do not know.

The Statute of the Talbot Boys on the grounds of the Talbot County Courthouse is a fitting symbol to a part of our country’s heritage. It is not offensive in any way. It is a valid piece of history just as the Civil War is a piece of history. On what basis can a group of activists take offense at this statue and demand that it be removed from its post? Are we now to believe that whenever a group claims they are “offended”, that the majority should kowtow to their claim?

What would be left in our society, our 250-year history if that attitude were to prevail?

I implore you to vote in favor of keeping the Talbot Boys right where they have been for the last 108 years. Do not be lured into joining the uninformed anarchists who are tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, J. E. B. Stuart, Albert Pike, Ulysses S. Grant. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?”



St. Michaels

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