The democrats are nostalgic (nay, lusting after) a time when they controlled all branches of government! Having installed the uber-liberal Warren SCOTUS which, among other anti-Constitutional decisions, approved a manufactured "right of privacy" and "smoke and mirror special rights" to allow the States to deprive the especially vulnerable unborn in the womb of their guaranteed right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (formerly, property) as Americans!

Today, they tacitly approve communist instigators who murder, rape, and pillage in our democrat controlled, unsafe for human life, cities large and small!

They ask you to elect an antique demagogue from an era that is better left dead and buried, so that the miserable, American left can take us backwards into a utopian hell hole!

Don't do that, re-elect a non-politician with our best interests first and foremost in his mind, a president who cares about our Republic, President Donald J. Trump!



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