My reasons have been articulated very well by other writers, but I will summarize so that my statement doesn’t seem arbitrary. Is there historic value (vs. nostalgic value for some) to have the statue on the lawn? No. Was the memorial and statue placed there in response to a refusal to accept all that the Union stood for and to make a social and political statement of confederate values led by the Mayor at the time? Yes. Were confederates considered traitors to our country? Yes. Does a memorial and statue to the Confederacy create an unwelcoming and haunting, even threatening environment for people of color in particular? Yes. Should any statue or memorial placed on the Courthouse lawn represent the values and actual history of our County? Yes. Does the Talbot Boys memorial and statue serve that purpose? No.

To attempt to compare the presence of the Talbot Boys memorial to the Frederick Douglass statue is like comparing rotten apples to fresh oranges. The statue of Mr. Douglass on the other hand represents in a pure fashion, both history and a strong statement of the many values that inform true freedom with hope and integrity, meeting the high bar set by the Declaration of Independence to which we still strive to live.



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