I hope to enlighten Mr. Antinori, as this is regarding his letter to the editor. Republicans are not racists. We advocate for the rights of all people men and women. A Republican freed the slaves; Republicans believe in the sanctity of life that begins in the womb; believe that abortion should not be a form of birth control as there are other more effective ways. We do not think that big government is the answer to all problems. Government spending results in more taxation. One can not tax a country into prosperity. Taxes are what the citizens must pay for the often frivolous spending of our government. Our children will be left with a huge debt. We think big government is wasteful and often inept. Unnecessary federal governmental restrictions will drive business out of the country. We believe in the Second Amendment. Crimes are committed by criminals who are holding a weapon. I know many individuals who own guns of all makes and styles who have never committed a crime. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes. As a Republican, I wholeheartedly support the police. The police have been humiliated and dismantled, the cities that have created this havoc are being run by the gangs, and the police have had their hands tied. Funding for the police has been drastically cut in Washington D.C., Portland, Baltimore and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Crime and homicides continue to skyrocket. Who wants to be a police officer to replace those jobs lost for future protection from criminals? Eliminating police does not eliminate crime. It is wrong to bail out those individuals who have college debt. I paid mine by working 2 jobs and sacrifice. I do not want my tax dollars to be given to someone who can’t handle their obligations. I have paid mine. If we ever have a public school system again add a course in teaching children how to budget. Teach those people who have college debt how to budget. Republicans believe that there is a legal, appropriate way for individuals to enter our country and become tax paying, contributing citizens. Good fences make good neighbors. We need to maintain our borders. If you disagree, then take the doors off of your house and the fence down. Send me your address and I will post it with a “Welcome sign, free food, lodging and health care” on a post where the illegal immigrants can see it.

History should be preserved and not rewritten.

So Republicans are most concerned about economics, especially when the government takes the attitude that spending is fun. Let’s be prudent and disciplined with our tax dollars, because our children will not inherit a healthy country. We need Democrats and Republicans to come together and share their values and beliefs. We need to respect each other. Compromise is the key to success. Thank you.



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