The Mid-Shore League of Republican Women joins with the Talbot County Republican Central Committee and the Talbot County Democrat Committee in calling for all citizens to respect the signs for political candidates and the property on which they are posted.

As divided as the country is now, if we are to remain a nation, we must respect the right of everyone to express their preference for individual candidates running for national, state and local offices. We saw in the last election the destruction of signs, but that illegal behavior has escalated so that peoples’ voices are being silenced. That is not consistent with our nation’s commitment, and what should be our own commitment to free speech.

Please, let’s all show restraint. There is little purpose in the behavior, as it will not change minds; on the contrary, such vandalism simply solidifies the division and presents unnecessary burdens on law enforcement.

Our best wishes to all for a peaceful transition of power, as we have experienced over the millennia. Please let’s continue to respect the right to express our opinions in Talbot County without fear of reprisal.


Mid-Shore League of Republican Women

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