Maryland’s last confederate monument on public land is making National news in the New Yorker and being expressed as a State-level concern as shown by the Lieutenant Governor’s remarks at the Frederick Douglass dedication last week. But it is only here in Easton, in the hands of the Talbot County Council, where the power lies to right this moral wrong.

The monument was put up half a century after emancipation to remind the dark-skinned Americans of Easton that the institution that had kidnapped and enslaved their parents and grandparents and ancestors before them, the institution that kept them looking down not up, the institution that said you are less than us, to remind them that that institution was still being celebrated and you’d better look out, you’d better be afraid.

The monument is still on the Courthouse lawn, still speaking.

The power to right this moral wrong lies in your hands, the Talbot County Council.



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