Well it happened again, another assault in Easton. I’ve been trying to get in shape by jogging on my lunch break and over and over again I am assaulted while jogging. The assault takes the form of a massive amount of black soot from a heavy-duty pickup just passing me sometimes closely followed by a raised middle finger. The act is called Rolling Coal and the Eastern Shore, and Easton in particular, seems to be ground zero for these acts. Some years ago legislation in Maryland was passed that made Rolling Coal illegal and came with a $500 fine. A large proportion of pickup owners choose to tamper with their engines and tailpipes for the sole purpose of generating excessive soot emissions to cover joggers, walkers, bikers and anyone else they choose in a blanket of black soot. If you don’t believe me, just Google “Rolling Coal” and you will see what happens. These pickups do not roll off assembly lines with the capability to generate a black cloud of soot that is enormously harmful to your health. Rolling Coal is a form of assault as breathing soot is enormously harmful while walkers, bikers, joggers and other motorists cannot see where they are going. It is no different than being purposely run off the road. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than half a million pickup trucks are tampered while their emissions are 40 percent higher than what is allowable by law and getting these bad actors off the road is priority number one. This call to action was issued under the Trump Administration, hardly a cheerleader for progressive environmental policy, so you know the problem must be really bad. For some reason, the Eastern Shore is ground zero for these tampered trucks. These trucks are easy to spot. They are very loud, as their emission controls have been modified, and their tailpipes are usually massive so as to spray as much soot as possible on their victims. Law enforcement has the tools to catch these bad actors and hopefully they will do the right thing to get these pickups off the road to protect our public health and safety.



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