If anyone read the commentary by Adriana Cohen (in the) April 7 edition, it was quite clear there is a horrendous border crisis for which Biden and Kamala must take full responsibility. We have been locked down for one year due to inaccurate and inadequate scientific information from Dr. Fauci and the CDC while thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom are positive for COVID, march across our borders leaving their trash along the way. In the mix are abandoned children, terrorists, the drug cartel and sex traffickers. Over 100,000 immigrant children are now homeless and our responsibility. What about our 40,056 veterans that are homeless at any given day?

This administration has totally divided the country and abandoned immigrants thru lack of total leadership. Biden has denounced voter ID and does not know the voter protocols of his own home state, Delaware. Extravagant spending of taxpayers’ money for frivolous and giveaway programs that our children and grandchildren will be paying for years. Come on, man! Fifteen thousand for unemployed New York immigrants!!! To summarize, Biden go back in the basement, take your Aricept, take Kamala with you. I will fly on my broom before I ever take a Delta, I will cancel Coke and apples forever.



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