After seeing the June 17th Kollinger cartoon illustrating clueless Democrats having no campaign ideas other than hanging on to the issue of racism as their only feasible platform, I conclude the Star Democrat is completely tone deft and unsupportive of Black Lives Matter, and that its managing editor is grossly negligent. BLM has been inflamed by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, and others. I no longer consider criticism of Kollinger an corrective option for he continues his highly biased, inane, and insensitive “art” with impunity, thanks to the Star. Stunning in its contrast, the cartoon was packaged with editorials by Donald Lambro, Mark Shields, and a guest comment by Dan Watson of Easton. All expressed the urgency of this unique moment in American and global history regarding BLM, preceded by 400 years of brutal oppression of African Americans, of which our local history is branded (e.g., Frederick Douglass, Cambridge Race Street riots, Harriet Tubman, Talbot Boys statue, et. al.), and which continues to this day nationally with rogue police brutality, blatant minority voter suppression, poor minority access to health care, mass black-brown incarceration, minimal minority educational support, and minority environmental injustice. The cartoon is a prime example of yellow journalism. Shame on the Star Democrat! I call for an apology to its readership.


Tunis Mills

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