They speak of unity and then target Republicans who served and or supported the Trump administration. They speak of public health measures related to COVID-19 and then allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood across the US southern border.

They speak of fiscal responsibility, while standing by silently as their duly elected legislature steals from the American taxpaying citizens, with a COVID relief bill which has only 9% direct funding for COVID. They tell me, I need a COVID vaccination card, but no one needs a voter ID card.

They speak of public safety as it relates the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6th, while tolerating more than a full year of looting, rioting and the destruction of dozens of Democrat-run cities across the United States. Most Democrat politicians, including our current President, have never publicly condemned that lawlessness to this day. Democrat-run cities are increasingly turning their backs on the very police departments who have risked their lives protecting them.

It’s a betrayal of everything this country stands for.

Now, the Democrat legislature wants to take our guns and tax our ammunition. Before it’s over, there will be a fight, because many of us will not surrender our liberties, OR GUNS, to a tyrannical government.

Just for the record, every year there are hundreds of incidents which the media refuses to report, where law abiding citizens use their guns to foil everything from kidnappings to carjackings. The Democrat Party I grew up with, whose party core principals were the protection of the First amendment and the unquestionable adherence to rule of law, are not gone forever, they are just plain scared!

Scared of being eaten by their own. The out of control radical left monsters which will gobble you up and cancel you, label you a racist. Smear you on social media and steal your dignity in the community. It’s not just for Republicans to band together, wake up and fight back. It’s more for the Grand Ole Democrat party to do so. BAAAAAAA.


St. Michaels

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