Jon Gondeck's recent letter about our choice for president in the upcoming election was packed with falsehoods and misinformation, as if it was a rote recitation of talking points from the RNC or White House. For example, he used the worn out lie about Joe Biden’s mental capacity being diminished. Apparently he didn’t see the Trump debacle in the recent debate. There was only one person acting mentally deranged on that stage, and it certainly wasn’t Joe Biden. He also said Trump is the only one who could create jobs, neglecting the fact that Obama and Biden created more jobs in their last three years in office than Trump did in his first three.

But what was astonishing about Mr. Gondeck's letter is that he never mentioned the top crisis in our country under Trump, COVID-19 and Trump’s disastrous mangling of our response through reckless and dishonest mismanagement of it. Thanks To Trump, 220,000 Americans have died from the virus, and our economy is in shambles with an unemployment rate twice what it was when Obama handed off our economy to him. Does Mr. Gondeck really think we want four more years of that kind of ineptitude?? Another huge lie from him, straight from the RNC playbook, is that Democrats like riots and destruction in the streets. Absurd!

All anyone has to do is compare the two candidates in terms of character, decency, competence, and their belief in democracy and our country. Biden is the only one of them who cares about improving the lives of people in our country and our reputation and standing around the world to keep the peace and keep us secure.

Vote for Joe Biden. Our future and security depend on it!



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