This is in response to the article: “A Middle Ground” which appeared in the Star Democrat on June 30th. The article outlines two proposals; one to modify the existing Talbot Boys statue or add another one — both of which would feature Union soldiers but leave the existing Talbot Boys statue in place. This appears to be a proposal based on ego and one that ignores the underlying issue of the statue to begin with.

One of the advocates of the proposal, Mr. Rich Merrill, is quoted as saying that the proposed new statue doesn’t even speak to the reason for the war. Really? Isn’t that what this is all about. Another advocate, Mr. Hunter calls it “marketable” to the city. Marketable? This proposal will not unite the community.

Leaving the Talbot Boys statue in place and attempting to downplay its true meaning by adding to it with Union soldiers ignores the issue of why it was placed there to begin with: Support for the Confederacy and its underlying policy that promoted slavery. Frederick Douglass was dragged through the streets of Easton and jailed for advocating his freedom. I wonder what he would think of such a proposal.



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