I found myself disappointed by the tone of the article regarding the legislative push for more Sunday hunting opportunities. What a lot of people don’t know, is that the Pittman-Robertson Act places an 11% excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment – all these funds go toward conservation efforts across the country, as well as the funds that come from the sale of hunting licenses in each state. How much of those funds that each state gets is based on a formula that considers the area of the state and the number of licenses sold. Participation in hunting is vital for conservation efforts in Maryland as this state faces so many environmental challenges. Providing a few more days per season that a person can hunt will not make a marked negative impact on the enjoyment that others experience from other outdoor recreational activities, it will simply provide a few more opportunities for those of us who work full-time to do what we love. To imply that this push is about money isn’t all erroneous; it certainly will generate more funding for critical projects going on in our state. But it is certainly NOT born out of greed. In addition, to imply that hunters EVER shoot at anything they ‘can’t see’ is both insulting and ignorant. A top rule we teach in Hunter Safety classes is to know your target. Furthermore, I think an important thing to point out here is that firearms season only runs for two weeks in December, then 3 days in January. Allowing more Sunday hunting might add one or two days in which someone on horseback need be concerned about gunshots. Otherwise, you will never even know the hunters are there. Please let us enjoy what we love to do on Sundays just like you get to do all year…we only get a few months.



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