Responding to Mr. Terrone’s screed of 14 July 2021, I believe Mr. Terrone’s true calling would be as a political officer in any of the world’s totalitarian regimes. The propaganda that Mr. Terrone espouses would make any communist leader smile.

Mr. Terrone’s latest screech is the result of the public discrediting of his assertions that he made in his March 2021 public lecture on the Talbot Boys. In that lecture, Mr. Terrone falsely asserted that the Talbot Boys were members of the “secessionist militia” and joined the Confederacy immediately and thus did not experience any of the “purported” Constitutional abuses inflicted upon Marylanders. Mr. Terrone also asserted that our ancestors were mostly cowards and deserters.

Mr. Terrone’s assertion was completely discredited by the publication of the research on the enlistment dates of the Talbot Boys — Star Democrat on 20 June 2021. The historical research revealed that more than half of our Talbot Boys enlisted in the latter half of 1862, shortly after the beating and imprisonment of Talbot’s Judge Carmichael. This research clearly reveals that the federal government’s Constitutional abuses against Maryland and her citizens was a significant factor in motivating Talbot countians to fight against the Union. Instead of admitting his mistake gracefully, Mr. Terrone viciously attacks our Talbot citizens that have volunteered hundreds of hours researching our history so our citizens can have a better understanding and can make an informed decision about our memorial.

Mr. Terrone claims the documents listed on the Preserve Talbot History website — — are a “sham” yet the historical documents presented were directly downloaded from Maryland’s and the National Archives. I guess Mr. Terrone now asserts that our National Archives and Maryland’s archives are full of false documents just to “distort” Maryland history.

What is profoundly disturbing about Mr. Terrone’s past and present writings is he has no problem with the denial of Constitutional protections to citizens that were labeled “secessionist.” Once a citizen was so “labeled” by a federal official or the local provost marshal that citizen received no trial, could provide no defense, and was imprisoned at the whim of government. This is the behavior of a totalitarian regime – yet comrade Terrone supports this policy completely. It does not matter what side of this debate you are on, the government’s denial of the Constitutional protections to our citizens, past or present, should be offensive to all Americans.



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