It is time to say “thank you” for what you do to keep your neighbors safe. Sure, wearing a mask is uncomfortable, maintaining social distance is challenging, following direction signs in the supermarket is inconvenient. So what, imagine if we were asked to do something really difficult? Is wearing a mask, keeping distance such a sacrifice?

Notes of gratitude:

To the staff at Giant supermarket: Always pleasant and willing to help with curbside delivery. Thank you for being at work and for all the precautions you take.

To Aldie home delivery staff: Thank you for your prompt deliveries and for the great customer service you provide while shopping.

To Bagery staff: Ready to take your order and carry your order to your car. Oh, almost forgot the home delivery you provided early on.

To our medical, emergency and law enforcement staff: For being there for folks in crisis while needing to put aside your own fears and worries.

We are all inconvenienced however the real tragedy is 213,795 deaths, 7,665,266 Americans infected, people out of work and children unable to attend school normally. It takes all of us taking the right action to get us on the right path. It takes all of us doing our fair share including being good role models for our community children. Without our collective spirit and action we will not recover in the long term.



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