President George W, Bush had 2,920 days to resolve Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was “Wanted Dead or Alive” like in Texas remember? Osama bin Laden ran free and managed to add several wives during the Bush presidency.

President Barack Obama had 2,920 to resolve Afghanistan. It took President Obama only 15 months to bring bin Laden to justice and avenge September 11, 2001. Instead of bringing our troops home after his accomplishing his mission, Obama stayed in Afghanistan for reasons known only to President Barack Obama.

President Donald J. Trump had 1,460 to resolve Afghanistan. Trump negotiated “a deal” with radical Islamic terrorists (the Taliban) and announced via Executive Order the exact date of the withdrawal of 15,000 US Troops on January 15, 2021. This was the Trump/Pompeo surrender.

President Joe Biden had 220 days to resolve the failures of Bush, Obama, and Trump in Afghanistan. Two hundred and twenty days of failure to resolve 7,300 days of failure.

Should President Biden be stoned at the town square for his 220 days of failure? Afghanistan was a monumental failure shared by four U.S. presidents not just one.



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