Is there another town in America that would be raising funds to put the Confederate battle flag in a place of honor on the courthouse grounds? I hope not. This idea is absurd and doesn’t solve the issue: Talbot County has a statue on public grounds, that honors those who fought in a war against our country; a war that was fought to retain slavery as a legal institution. The research the pro-Confederate side has presented to demonstrate the benign intent of the “Boys” is questionable and irreverent. In 2021, no town should honor the Confederate flag and what it represented during the Civil War and what it is being used for today: white supremacy. The US Navy has banned Confederate flags on its bases and ships. Why are we fighting so hard to keep this flag in a place of honor?

Not all disputes have two equal sides. This is a moral issue. Try walking in the shoes of those whose ancestors were lynched on the very spot where the Unity Monument would stand. This history is not erased by a Unity Statue.



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