As I replayed a video of ballot boxes, that’s boxes with an “S,” the video footage shows election workers at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena pulling boxes filled with ballots from under a table or piece of furniture and counting them after almost everyone else had left. This is either a “smoking gun” or “shows normal ballot processing.” Normal ballot processing? There was no “camera equipment in the boxes” as stated in a previous letter to the editor targeting another writer and trying to shame or negate their opinion.

It seems according to that previous letter, whatever you think or believe is wrong and whatever they believe is absolute and truth.

The election count went as “predicted?” Yes, it did, almost exactly as Bernie Sanders predicted on Oct. 24. Bernie should be picking lottery numbers The election count actually went as orchestrated. That type of math is fraud.

“I am sure there was fraud in this election.” — Attorney General William Barr, Dec. 21.

“Shame on this right-winged paper?” This paper and its affiliates should not be biased or even have an opinion. Some people believe that freedom of speech is just afforded to themselves and not tolerated of others that have a different opinion.

Thank you Star-Democrat for not being too left-winged.



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