Volumes could be written on Mr. Terrone’s misleading spin on our history. Since the Star Democrat limits letters to 400 words or less, (and even then they delete whole paragraphs to make the letter fit the space), I will review just one “fact” Mr. Terrone presented in his Aug. 21st guest column.

Mr. Terrone’s spin: “…. the suspension of habeas corpus extended only as far as 20-miles from the main RR connection between Baltimore and Washington…” With this spin Mr. Terrone wants Talbot citizens to believe that the unlawful suspension of civil liberties throughout Maryland was just a “myth.”

The Truth: April 1861 Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus between Philadelphia and Baltimore. May 10th Lincoln orders suspension of the same along parts of the Florida coast. July 2nd Habeas Corpus is suspended between New York and Philadelphia and by September 17th Habeas Corpus was suspended throughout Maryland and was used to arrest one third of the Maryland legislature. On Sept. 24, 1862 Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus throughout the entire Union.

Even New York Democrats criticized Lincoln for his suspension of their civil liberties and having New Yorkers imprisoned without trial for their criticism that Lincoln’s actions were unconstitutional. A Supreme Court Justice also ruled Lincoln’s actions unconstitutional – Mr. Lincoln ignored that ruling.

History that is spun, changed or modified is no longer history but propaganda. The only purpose of propaganda is to manipulate the populace - usually to their detriment and to the benefit of those in power or seeking power It is essential in reviewing our history we strive for truth, exposing it for all to see and to learn its lessons.

In the 2015 debate on this monument Mr. Terrone presented himself as the outspoken flag bearer of the cause. He then attempted to use his publicity to put himself into a position of power on the county council. I suspect “Comrade” Terrone is planning to run again.



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