Our democracy and all that we trust and hold dear is in peril. The concept of democracy began with Judeo-Christian roots and was steeped in traditions of honor and fair-play. It has served this country well. We've experienced hideous wars and unthinkable selfishness by some in power, but democracy has given our compass a true north for our return to the balance we all crave.

Recently I've heard family members, neighbors and friends express dread of what lies ahead. If we don't ensure voting rights, fair elections and confidence that our carefully considered votes are truly counted and accurately registered, we will lose what we've known as our American way of life. Wishing won't make it happen. Everyone must study all of the facts, insist that candidates express their beliefs clearly and decide to preserve our common good. Nothing is of greater importance.

Think, discuss, stay focused, take action as needed and make your vote count. Elections, on some level, happen every year and the results of these will determine our future. Preserve what we love and what sustains us as a nation.


Fishing Creek

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