If, like major league sports, protesters legitimately protesting police brutality and supporting Black Lives Matter, went silent for a week and protested by turning on our lights or sitting in the quiet of churches or lighting candles in our homes…what if we absented ourselves from the streets? Would the quiet speak more eloquently of the dead; would the silence be thunderous when the armed vigilantes have no one to fight? When the only ones on the streets trying to create a political reality for Trump are the ones instigating the violence; will the real message be heard? When the vigilantes have no one to engage, will their political lies about who is responsible for the chaos and violence of the Democrat cities be illuminated.

What, if like the stadiums, the cities became suddenly quiet, not in acquiescence but in purposeful silence that won’t let the message be usurped for political gain by those who seek to hijack the moment. Can we speak as powerfully in a more constructive way?. As Jacob Blake’s mother has asked, don’t let the headlines speak of burning and looting and more bloodshed. Let the headlines read of the “good trouble” of John Lewis; peaceful, effective, purposeful demonstrations of resolve and strength. Come forth with some ideas and ways to insure that Black Lives Matter, that peaceful protest can be louder and more focused than the chaos we see every day in the news. If Donald Trump wants chaos on the streets, why give it to him? There has to be a better, smarter way. What is that way? How can the chaos on the streets of Portland and Seattle and Kenosha be turned into meaningful and powerful images that provide no chance of being turned into political fodder for Donald J.Trump?



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