What does it mean to you, to say” I’m a Vet!” I don’t know about you, but I’m damn proud of being an American Veteran!

Yes, I served 29 years in the U.S. Military, and I would do it again, if asked, and physically able! For me, it was a special, on-going, experience!

Today, I must, reminded you, that We U.S. VETERANS, swore a PLEDGE, to Protect and Defend, our Constitution! Does that ‘PLEDGE’ ever concern you? It does me, because it may apply today!!

Who is defending the PLEDGE NOW, ‘outside’ of our Military? Apparently, FEW — if ANY, with our background, are concerned?

Remember, serving U.S. Military members cannot get involved -in National Politics! But Veterans CAN — and should! Particularly, if they see the Nation shifting away from the tenants of OUR Constitution!

Do any of you, feel our Constitution is in DANGER today? I do! Why? Because, Socialism, is intended to be OUR new way of LIFE! I am TOLD! And, as a way of life, it is NOT noted, in any part of the Constitution!

Would you REALLY accept SOCIALISM, as a way of life, for YOU and your KIN? I won’t – No Way!! FREEDOM and FREE ENTERPRISE have been our MANTRA, from Day One of our Constitution!

President Biden has unilaterally, throw OPEN our Southern Border, without any National DEBATE, or CONSENT, by the US Congress, or National Mandate!

Is that action, not a ‘THUMB’ in the EYE of OUR Constitution – and YOU and ME?

Will Socialism provide Americans their personal independence? The INDEPENDENCE we ALL have today?

Ask the Venezuelans, who are currently racing across our Southern Border, to this — their Sanctuary of Freedom? What a potential BUMMER – running from Socialism into the arms of nuveau SOCIALISM!

Come ON Vets! Let’s get involved in saving our Constitution — and our FREEDOMS! While it still provides all Americans today!



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