I read with interest in Tuesday’s e-edition about the upcoming ballot vote which may change the current requirement that the Talbot County department head of planning and zoning, public works and the county attorney will (no) longer be required to be Talbot County citizens. Mr. Pack said in the article he did not know why its required that the heads of these departments must be Talbot citizens? Really, it should be very clear why; these positions are charged with the interpretation and enforcement of Talbot County’s laws. Why would county residents want department heads not to be a part of our county. In researching, I found the present law allows a time frame for new hires to relocate, this was the case with four P&Z department heads prior to the current one.

We all know Talbot is a special place to live, who wouldn’t want to live here. Maybe the cost of living in Talbot County has climbed so high affordable housing can not be found, if this is the case the council should consider increasing the salary offered.

I think what is needed is district representation by the county council, presently all our council members live in the Town of Easton which has its own government including zoning, public works and a police force, areas like Bay Hundred, Cordova, and Trappe deserve the type of representation that can be given when one lives in the community. Same can be said for department heads.


St. Michaels

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