Follow me. This may not sound daunting on the surface, but when Jesus asked His disciples to follow Him, there was no way they could understand how answering yes to following Jesus would impact their lives. Following is not something that is foreign to our lives. We are asked to follow various things every day of our lives. Some days it may be following the directions of the GPS in your car or on your smartphone. It could be following the directions of a boss or supervisor at work or following the directions of a school teacher. When our health fails, we follow the directions of a physician in order to see the physical issue improve. Regardless of the situation, you and I are asked to follow something or someone every day. Who or what we choose to follow brings an array of results.

As Jesus was beginning his public ministry, he reached out to 12 men and said, “Follow me.” They had a decision to make…follow Jesus or follow their own desires in life. Their choice to follow Him was the beginning of an incredible journey that not only lasted for their lifetime here on earth, but for all of eternity. Who or what is it that you are following today in your life?

For me, I chose to follow Jesus many years ago and it has been an amazing journey in this life. His love, friendship, mercy, grace and so many other things have given me a life that is blessed! I am proud to say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. How about you? Who is it that you are following? Follow Jesus today and allow Him to transform your life and give you an amazing life on this earth and an amazing eternity with Him in heaven forever!

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