To hear the Administration talk (or endlessly tweet), one would think the Congress sits around eating chicken all day long.

In reality, this Congress has passed 181 bills since being sworn in 6 months ago. Where are those bills?

All 181 of them are sitting on top of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk. The senator has refused to bring any of these pieces of important legislation (including Pay Raise Fairness Act, National Flood Insurance Program Extension Act, Rural Broadband Act of 2019, Automatic Voter Registration Act, Buy American Agriculture Act and Bipartisan Background Checks, to name a few) to the Senate floor for debate and passage.


Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY, calls McConnell’s desk a “legislative graveyard.”

“McConnell is so devoted to opposing a progressive agenda that he’s already promised to continue his blockade, even if Trump is defeated in 2020,” as reported May 2019 by Share Blue Media.

Another theory being reported is that McConnell is so confident of his own re-election next year that he is devoting himself to not pass legislation that might hurt Republican incumbents in the Senate. If Republicans lose control of the Senate in 2020, McConnell loses his job!

He has much to fight for ... except the American people who he has sworn an oath to protect and serve.

Many of these bills currently sitting on his desk would benefit the average American. We the people all lose when the Senate does nothing.

I would rephrase the president’s favorite term for Congress, and instead restate it as “a Do-Nothing Senate.” We deserve something better.



Mr. Kollinger’s piece in the Sunday edition of The Star Democrat was very disturbing. First, to get it out of the way, what is it with the tsunami of “sneer” quotation marks? I count 10 definite and 2 maybes. This include “racist,” “inclusive,” “culturally biased,” “identity politics,” “affirmative action” and so on. Does Mr. Kollinger think these are not valid concepts?

Mr. Kollinger is clearly biased against Democrats, as has been aptly demonstrated in his recently botched dissection of the Mueller report. (No, Rick I can’t believe you read the whole thing. Maybe a paragraph, whatever.) But this diatribe of his is much more than taking a cheap shot at the governance of Baltimore, holding it accountable for the violence there. It is his stepping stone to something that is much, much more concerning.

Let’s be frank. Mr. Kollinger in his non-subtle way parrots the fiction that there is an inherent disparity between African-American and white student’s intellectual ability based on race (see Charles Murray, The Bell Curve). Full stop.

This thesis insults the critical thinking behind efforts to ameliorate inequities that many believe lead to the test score differences, the causes of which date back in history to before the founding of our country. Trashing these efforts comes with a requirement: What solution do you have? Rick?



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