I would like to personally respond to your letter to the editor about guidelines becoming mandates. I own a local hardware store/lumberyard. While we wear masks and request our customers to wear masks, not all customers can wear masks. Many people cannot wear masks due to medical conditions. We are not allowed to ask why they aren’t wearing a mask. I am sorry if you feel safer at a big box that sees probably 1000 or more people a day but I cannot discriminate against our customers with medical conditions. I am sorry you feel we should. As for out of state license plates in the local parking lots, many of these part time residents have been here since early March. They own property here and are residents. Who are you to decide why they are here and if it is essential? I think the majority of the residents are doing the best they can. Please be a little more tolerant of others. The world will be a better place.


St. Michaels

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