I commend The Star Democrat for its series featuring the stories of addicts in recovery as part of the Talbot Goes Purple campaign. I hope we continue to hear about ways our community can help addicts cope with their disease.

As an addict myself, I want to put a special emphasis on 12-step groups in the treatment of addiction. No matter how much family and friends love and care, there is no one who actually understands like those who have been there and done that.

12-step groups:

• Welcome anyone and everyone who seeks help

• Don’t make rules and don’t judge others

• Guide addicts through time-tested programs proven to work if you work them

• Provide peer support 24/7 to those willing to reach out

• Are composed of a caring “family” of addicts who share a common goal: recovery

• Cost almost nothing but are more successful than all other treatments

Enough meetings will ruin anyone’s addiction. You can’t make anyone attend, but if they are sick and tired enough of being sick and tired you can show tell then it’s worth a shot and show them this.



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