As has been pointed out in the past (see, for instance, Jonathan Swift,“A Modest Proposal,” 1729), when it comes to children, politicians allow themselves lots of leeway depending on their appetites. How else can we explain the dual horrors foisted onto children in the last week by the Trump Administration. The first is the abrogation of the Flores Agreement which restricted incarceration of children to 20 days (Washington Post, 08/21/2019) allowing Department of Homeland Security to retain children indefinitely. We all know what conditions to which such children can be subjected.

The second is much more evil, and the difficulty of finding out who in the Trump Administration is responsible is an example of their avoiding guilt by association. This policy is “ending protection for migrant medical care” (this paper, 08/27/2019). Details of both political ploys are well documented and sad reading. They go directly against an oath that I and all other physicians take to “first do no harm.”

Let us be very emphatic about this. Children should not be pawns. They are not pieces in the proverbial three-dimensional chess or pieces in Trump's “beautiful puzzle.” They are worthy of every consideration we can give them and then some. It would be interesting to hear Dr. Andy Harris comment on these goings on.



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