The situation for the children of the immigrants detained in Mississippi is critical. (For good documentation, please refer to WJTV, the CBS affiliate in Jackson.) How can we continence this in America? How is it possible for armed ICE agents to live with their selves, knowing that the children of those adults whom they arrested would have no mother or father to come home to that night? How can we live with this spectacle of a young child crying that her father “didn't do anything wrong.” Or of these dispossessed children scared they will be placed in cages when the night before they slept in their own bed?

The specter of other, similar situations in history now haunts us. The American Academy of Pediatricians and others have stated that these sorts of psychological provocations can have permanent effects on a child's development. ICE claims that enforcing the law takes priority over the humane treatment of children. Would that infractions of the law by the president, as documented by 1,024 former federal prosecutors and in the Mueller report, received the same scrutiny.



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