I am writing in response to a recent letter-writer who was dismayed at the discontinuation of the Tuesday print edition. He feared that the trend to digital leaves many seniors behind.

While I agree that there are a lot of seniors who might only read the print version, as a senior myself (although a relatively new one, depending on whether rated by AARP or Medicare), I would like to add a voice in defense of your digital editions.

Until recently, I received the print edition, which I zipped through in about five minutes, rarely reading more than the headlines, the obits and the comics. With virus concerns, sporadic missing issues and my delivery person’s continued inability to aim the paper at my front door, I almost canceled my subscription but instead switched to digital. And now I find myself actually reading more of the “paper.”

Not only do I read more of the articles, but I even read the legal notices, which really can be quite informative, and some of the ads. Plus, the print is bigger and easier on the eyes, no newsprint to soil the fingers or wet papers to dry out on wet days, and less recycling to put out.

Today, for the first time, I even read the weather forecast and was delighted to find it gave me as much of a chuckle as the comics. Tomorrow is to be “Mostly cloudy but still nice.” Friday: “Partly cloudy unless it rains.” And for Saturday: “occasional rain showers keep the day nice and moist.” I love the meteorologist whose scientific weather descriptors include “nice” and who alerts us to a partly cloudy day ... unless it rains!

I used to say, “Oh, good! It’s Saturday (or Monday) — no paper today!” Now I look forward to sitting down at my computer and reading the local news. I do miss the Sunday comics, but have figured out how best to print out the Sudoku and crossword, so I still have them, at least.

Don’t give up the print edition. There are still enough people who can’t do without that physical newspaper with their morning coffee. But your digital edition has me won over. Thanks! And have a nice day ... unless it rains.



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