The scourge of the millennial generation is their lack of understanding the origin of our country! What the United States, one time called the Great Experiment, has meant to the world. This generation may usher in a United States that we don’t recognize or understand.

The humanist philosophy which has been prevalent throughout education, which has at its core that human beings are the center of everything in society, is the root cause for this change. We have a society built on laws that have developed since our inception and a means to correct inequities under those laws. When children who were taught by teachers that grew up under skewed teaching got a double dose of it in universities and colleges were unleashed in classrooms across our country is it any wonder the product produced (our children) would repeat what they had heard so frequently that our system of government is corrupt and socialist philosophy is superior to our capitalistic system.

When I was in school in the late 1940’s and 1950’s Christopher Columbus was revered as an explorer and considered a hero. World history is replete with one group of people conquering another and subjugating it; however Christopher Columbus has been ridiculed for the mass killing that ensued when many of those who came with and after him had gold and wealth as their primary objective.

Our own country with slavery that made many people wealthy in the north as well as the south, as a result of essentially no cost labor, took a civil war to right that wrong. Most of those that died in that struggle were white men.

While progressives and conservatives argue about some recent rant by a celebrity, our country continues down the slope of political correctness and misinformation. If some news organization with intestinal fortitude, once known as “guts,” would begin presenting the true history of the United States, even with warts and all, we could possibly salvage a young generation that has come to believe they’ve been deceived by our leaders and system of government into thinking there is a better system. Once taught something it is very difficult to change the way a person thinks about a particular matter. Facts, that are the backbone of the scientific method, are not believed or adhered to due to someone feeling differently about a particular situation. Truth is obliterated in favor of a misinformed conscience.



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