I read with interest your Sunday (March 22) editorial about COVID-19 on the Eastern Shore.

Your editorial laments having no sources willing to substantiate COVID 19's status in Talbot County.

Questions emailed to Talbot County Council President Cory Pack and Emergency Services Director Clay Stamp went unanswered.

Why wasn't a reporter sent to interview officials directly? Yes, emails are easy and quick, but you don't establish confidence that's possible in an interview.

Star Dem in the past had editors and reporters who were established journalists with credibility with elected officials. Even a phone interview. But by email?

I also don't remember any local news coverage of Memorial Hospital's preparations for COVID-19.

Do they have adequate N95 masks? How about personal protective equipment like gowns? How about ventilators? Do they have enough test kits?

Are there enough beds available in Talbot County to care for patients being treated for COVID-19? Are there adequate beds to quarantine patients if needed?

Other hospitals are building additional temporary hospital space to keep COVID-19 patients apart from non-COVID patients to avert cross contamination.

We all remember "MASH" from TV. Today, the Defense Department has replaced the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital with an upgrade Combat Support Hospitals.

These hospitals are transportable by truck and are delivered in standard military-owned cargo containers. Once transported, it is assembled into a tent hospital to treat patients within 72 hours.

Doesn't it make sense for our county officials and hospital officials to keep the public informed locally? Why don't Star Dem reporters interview these officials to inform the local public and provide vital information for local readers?

Star Dem has a professional responsibility as journalists to be the eyes and ears for the public.

We're counting on you to keep us informed. Don't let us down.



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