I agree with the protesters demanding changes to the way our country's police departments are operating. In my opinion, the majority of our police officers are hardworking, and do their jobs very well. As with any group, there are bad apples within. To fix the problems, we need to encourage our police departments to figure out how to get rid of those "bad apples" and set up procedures to keep them out. We need police in our country and need to continue to fund the dept. We cannot change anything that has happened in the past we can only move forward and fix what is wrong now. We cannot change our history. Those of us living now were not alive during the Civil War and cannot change what happened during that time, we can only learn from it. I am totally against removing statues from public property that depicts our history That includes any statue that honors any soldiers from the Civil War era. Whether we want to admit it or not, if represents our history, which again, we cannot change. We can learn from history, and move forward to make our country better, and fair for all. I would be saddened if we allow the Talbot Boys statue to be removed from the court house. If we remove it, we need to remove all statues from the court house grounds, not just the Talbot Boys statue. You cannot be fair to all if you are only going to remove the one statue. Does anyone really think removing the statue is going to fix the problems we are facing today? How is taking it away going to fix anything? This needs to be put to a County vote before anything is done



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