In his recent Letter to the Editor, former delegate Richard Sossi asserted that President Trump has done more "to improve the status of minorities and thus helped to unify our nation than decades of Democrat mismanagement". If Mr. Sossi had stopped there I would have chalked his comments up to his opinion. However when he cites the adage "while you are entitled to your opinion you are not entitled to make up your own facts" he is contending that his opinions are facts.

Let us see how the president's attempts at unification are working. Fact: fewer Afro-Americans support Trump than four years ago. Fact: Trump has expressed opposition to more expansive voting procedures, the very process for minorities to gain a voice. Fact: early in his administration he took action to restrict immigration from Muslim majority countries. Fact: he has hired fewer minorities in senior level positions than several of his predecessors. Fact: he has allowed several legal challenges to move forward restricting the rights of the LGBT community. Fact: he has attempted to diminish the impact of the Affordable Care Act, a federal program that has done much to improve health options for minorities, solely because of its association with Obama. Fact: his efforts to build a border wall and restrict immigration has to do with "brown people" since he has expressed support for immigrants from such countries as Norway.

Many more examples could be cited but the facts are clear - they are not opinions. Donald Trump has been unrelenting in his attempts to divide Americans. His campaign slogan "Making America Great Again" sends a clear message. There was a time in America when heterosexual whites (predominately male) ran the show and we need to return to that magical time. Is that what you are advocating Mr. Sossi?



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