Dominic Terrone of Oxford questioned in The Star Democrat edition of May 14, 2020, where the pro-life supporters were. Well, here's one of them who's not afraid to speak up. My parents started their instructional phase of the "facts of life" at a very young age with their children. The "sex" portion didn't kick in until later, but the first "fact of life" we learned was that the moment we take our first breath, we are living on borrowed time. We were taught to live each day as if i were our last. Yes, we were also told to live life to its fullest. Heck, even scientists agree that the inescapable consequence of life is (are you sitting down?) ... death!

None of us want to see people die, but whether it's through disease, accident, old age or unforeseen circumstances, death is a "fact of life." I've watched my parents die, as well as relatives and friends younger than myself. But life goes on, as well it should. Death is not an anomaly or something you can hide from. On the other hand, life is to be "lived," not held hostage to fear or to be eliminated at will.

It would seem that Mr. Terrone would be thankful that at least his mother allowed him the privilege of "living" his life and accept the fact that death is part of the equation. A desire to recapture the freedoms guaranteed under the United States Constitution has nothing to do with "killing" anyone.

Dying is the natural progression of life. Fear does not stop death; it stops life. And worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles; it takes away today's peace.



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