Some good news from the recent G7 meeting in France: It wrapped up without one of the president's signature tweet attacks on any of our allies.

That's not to say it was a cringe-free weekend. There were several OMG utterances from the "chosen one," for example, when he told the world how he had created the "tremendous wealth under our feet" (the natural gas reserve); or when he blamed President Obama for "Kicking Russia out of the G8;" or when he exclaimed that, "Nothing he does is politically motivated, but rather, always motivated because it is the right thing to do." I suppose that if your moral compass is utterly shattered, then lying and bearing false witness might seem to you like the right things to do.

But soon after returning to the U.S., he started promoting one of his properties (Doral) to be the setting for next year's G7 meeting, which the U.S. is scheduled to host. Profit incentive comes to mind as a likely motivation for that promotion. But, again, if you are still using that broken moral compass; greed, breaking an oath and plain old crass behavior might seem like the right things to do.

And then, there's that Russia thing. Why would the POTUS lobby our allies for the reinstatement of Russia to the G7/G8, when it seems that everyone in the country except the POTUS and the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, agree that meddling in our electoral process and seizing territory (Crimea) from another sovereign nation, were and remain unethical, illegal and wantonly criminal activities on the part of Russia.

As we get deeper into this political season, it may be helpful to adopt a politically organic lifestyle ... skipping the spin and consuming the facts.



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